As the search for convicted murderer Danelo Cavalcante continues, state troopers from our local barracks are being called in to assist.

Pennsylvania State Police Troopers from Erie, Warren and Venango counties (Troop E) are heading to Chester County to help locate the escapee.

State troopers from the Lawrence Park barracks confirmed Tuesday that local law enforcement will become part of the search starting Tuesday evening.

Troop E said it is all hands on deck to locate Cavalcante, who is convicted of several dangerous crimes.

“The state police, we train for these types of searches, grid searches, different things like that, pushing the woods, doing different things along those lines. So it is something that we go through training. You figure most state police agencies are rural, so when it is rural it’s kind of our backyard,” said Lt. Gary Garman, Pennsylvania State Police Troop E.

State Police troopers say there is no time table for how long Troop E will be involved in this search.

Troopers from across the state are assisting with search efforts. Around 500 law enforcement members are searching for Cavalcante at this time.