Picasso piece stolen from Milwaukee art appraiser


The Milwaukee Art Community is still missing a Picasso.  A piece of art from the legendary artist was stolen a year ago and remains at large. 

The etching created by Pablo Picasso back in 1949 was stolen from its case inside the DeLind Fine Art Appraisals one year ago. 

Co-Owner Bill DeLind says, “I’m kind of surprised that nothing has surfaced on this… There’s been no leads to my knowledge.”

The original piece of art is worth about $40,000.  

“This is a graphic work of his art, it’s a small addition, there are very few copies of this.”

It’s a crime that’s shaken the entire Milwaukee Art Community.

David Barnett, who owns a namesake gallery, says, “it’s upsetting and very disturbing; when something’s taken, it’s taken from the public too.”

Over on the east side, at David Barnett Gallery, they also have Picasso artwork.  The owner knows how valuable it can be and how much thieves want to get their hands on one.

He’s a household name.  Unfortunately, the theft of art is an occurrence that goes on everywhere around the world, especially when you’re dealing with the number one most famous 20th-century artist.

With that in mind, the David Barnett Gallery has several levels of security in their gallery and leave their doors locked at all times.

“We escort them to the door and are extremely careful, you have to be because things happen.”

Since the theft at DeLind Fine Art Appraisals, the owners have increased their security.  Their cameras weren’t working when the piece was stolen.  They now have new cameras and moved their offices right in front of their gallery. 

One year later, the owners still have hope they’ll find the valuable Picasso piece.  

DeLind says, “I believe a piece of art can last forever and I believe sooner or later, it will turn up.”

A $10,000 reward is being offered to whoever returns the missing piece.

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