The University of Pittsburgh is now enforcing its vaccine mandate that requires all faculty, staff and students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or have a vaccination exemption, otherwise they risk being un-enrolled at the university.

The university-wide mandate states that currently enrolled students who are unvaccinated will not be eligible to enroll in the Spring 2022 term or live in the residence halls.

Also, current faculty, staff and postdocs will be subject to disciplinary action that could include termination of employment.

At Pitt-Titusville campus, there has been no disenrollment of any students or staff.

One campus employee said that she has no problem with the university vaccine mandate and it actually benefits everybody.

“My thoughts are is that everybody should get vaccinated. I think it would help the economy, it would get people back into work, and everything else and the kids would be in school, the way they should be if everybody was vaccinated. We wouldn’t have to worry about it,” said Laura Johnson, General Manager, Pitt-Titusville Dining Hall.

Johnson believes that people need to do their research.

“If they are against it to find out that it is not a bad thing, they have done it in the past where they have mandated it,” Johnson said.

According to the vaccine mandate, even if you are working or taking classes 100% remotely, faculty, staff and students either need to be vaccinated or receive a vaccination exemption for medical, religious, or strong moral or ethical beliefs.

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Below is the full statement from the Interim President:

Dear faculty and staff,

Last week, the university began enforcing its vaccine policy, which, as you may remember, requires all faculty, staff, and students to be vaccinated for COVID-19 or receive an exemption for medical, religious, or strong moral or ethical beliefs.

Many people on our campus worked tirelessly to help our students, as well as our faculty and staff, become compliant, including informing them of locations where they could get vaccinated, frequently reminding them of the requirement and deadlines, and helping them complete their exemption forms.

As a result of these efforts, we have reached 100% compliance; all of our students, faculty, and staff are either vaccinated or received an exemption. We have and will continue to assist newly hired faculty and staff reach compliance.

Thank you for taking the necessary steps to comply and for helping other members of our campus community – especially our students.

As we have proven many times, by working together for the common good, we can accomplish a great deal and help to keep our campus community healthy and safe

Richard Esch, Interim President of the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford and University of Pittsburgh at Titusville