ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WROC) — The Bills offense is in a bit of flux right now. It’s been over a month since the once high-flying unit reached 30 points.

Before Monday night’s matchup against the Broncos, the team looked internally to try and solve a few of their problems.

Latavius Murray addressed the Bills offense in a players-only meeting Thursday before practice. The running back said the meeting was about players taking accountability and finding solutions.

“I just wanted to bring the guys together,” said Murray. “Just talk about some things and see how us as an offense can make a difference.”

With a record of 5-4, the Bills season is not yet over. Although out of the current playoff picture, plenty of games remain to get back on track.

“The meeting wasn’t called because the building is burning down or were panicking, or anything like that,” said wide receiver Trent Sherfield. “The meeting was called because we know what type of talent we have in our room. Obviously, we haven’t really been holding up to those expectations.”

“It just gets you going,” said wide receiver Khalil Shakir. “It sets the tone for the day. Sets the tone for the week. Sets the tone moving forward. He’s talked to us twice now I believe. Just hearing from him, everyone is listening, eyes and ears. Everybody is locked in on him and for what he has to say. It gets us ready to go.”

As an 11th-year veteran, Murray has plenty of experience in the leadership role. He is now trying to use that experience to help this struggling team.

“I want to win,” said Murray. “That’s the only place that it’s coming from and I mean that. I’m not just trying to be a guy that’s just talking. I’m trying to find answers just like everybody else.”

Josh Allen said that players-only meetings aren’t as rare as some might think. This is the second one the Bills have had this season, and they exist to keep open lines of dialog between the players.

“We’re not going to let the fact that we’re 5-4 divide us apart,” said Allen. “We’ve had stretches where we haven’t played up to our standard in the past. We’ve always found a way through those. That’s what we’re doing right now, we’re trying to find a way through it.”

“It’s just important to have that open communication,” said Murray. “For us to talk about it as opposed to pointing fingers or just letting things go on and not addressing things we want to communicate.”

“We took the right step this morning,” said Sherfield. “Just some things that we can communicate and be on the same page. Being together, playing together, playing for one another. Getting back to the basics and being the offense we know we can be.”

There did not appear to be any drastic messages shared in the meeting. Just reemphasizing what the team needs to do moving forward.

“Remember what were capable of as an offense,” Shakir said. “If you see the person to the left or the right of you down, pick them up.”

The Bills will find out the effect of this meeting when they face off against the Broncos on Monday Night Football.