The FBI served three warrants at locations in Erie today, including one at Rick Weaver Buick GMC at West 12th and Liberty and Infinity Automotive on 24th and State.

FBI Agent Greg Nelson said that they are serving a sealed search warrant along with Pennsylvania State Police, Erie Police, and the National Insurance Crime Bureau. 

There are three locations involved in the warrant, including Infinity Automotive on 24th and State, Rick Weaver Buick GMC, and one other, undisclosed location, believed to be a residence. 

They are working to recover a large amount of evidence to search for criminal activity.

It may or many not be a coincidence that Doug Grooms, a man who just plead guilty to embezzling half a million dollars from Community Chevrolet in Meadville is currently employed at Rick Weaver.

We have not confirmed whether he is involved or not in this investigation. 

Rick Weaver’s posting signs on the doors indicating that they closed for the day. FBI agents say that the store was not forced to close during the search, but they chose to do so.