Power outage today results in $50,000 loss for Waldameer Park


It was almost a perfect day for a trip to a local amusement park until, that is, crews were forced to shut down many of the park’s rides.

A truck brought down low-hanging wires along West 8th Street this afternoon.  The wires help provide power to Waldameer Amusement Park.  As a result of the accident, the park owner was forced to shut down a lot of the rides.  Crews are refunding tickets for people who came out to the park, even large picnic groups.

Owner Paul Nelson tells us, “With our system, we can tell how many tickets actually came in that day and then we said to the organization, ‘we will refund the money to you and then you can refund it to your members’. So, today is a bust.” 

Nelson says the incident will result in about a $50,000 loss for the park.  

The water park remains open throughout the day and Nelson says all of Waldameer will be back up and running by tomorrow.

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