YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — Earlier today, Rutter’s announced major expansion and renovation plans for the upcoming years.

Rutter’s announced ‘aggressive’ expansion plans for the next five years which consists of expanding further into Pennsylvania – east near Philadelphia, west of Pittsburgh, and north of Altoona.

According to Rutter’s, in addition to Pennsylvania’s expansion, they also plan to expand throughout parts of:

  • Maryland
  • West Virginia
  • Deleware
  • Virginia

All in all, Rutter’s is planning to build an additional 50 new stores in the next five years – more than 10 of those new stores are being constructed in new markets.

These new locations are going to be equipped with multiple features such as large walk-in-29-degree beer caves, expansive wine options, seating for over 30 customers, and 24 hour a day food service options.

“Thanks to our food service innovation, focus on industry leading wages, large breath of offerings, and best-in-class customer experience, we find that our locations are the customer favorite in new and existing markets,” Rutter’s President and CEO Scott Hartman, Rutter’s said. “In addition, our go to market slogan is ‘Rutter’s…Why Go Anywhere Else?’ and our unbelievable team lives by that slogan every single day.” 

In addition to the construction of 50 new locations, Rutter’s will also be spending over $150 million in CAPEX during 2023 (CAPEX spending includes, but is not limited to: acquisitions, renovations, and updating of current facilities).

The end of 2022 officially marked the 275th anniversary of the Rutter’s family owned business. According to Rutter’s, there are currently 84 total locations across Pa., Maryland, and West Virginia.

For more information about the Rutter’s company you can visit their website at www.rutters.com