A local ski resort is ready for an early start to the season. It’s not officially winter, but one area wintertime attraction is getting the jump on the fun.

Peek’n Peak Ski Resort opened Friday, Dec. 9 for the season.

While there, they told us about some of the new additions to the resort this season.

The ski resort in New York is opening skiing earlier than they have in the past few years.

Officials tell us they have put lot of time and money into renovating the property since last ski season. They bought two more groomers, snow making upgrades and the rental show has been completely renovated.

They are looking forward to a great season, a few weeks earlier than last season started.

“Just the weather, last year it was warm through this time of year. We were open just before Christmas last year, so we got a few week jump on last year’s ski season,” said Tom Dekoning, director of mountain operations, Peek’n Peak. 

Great news for business and families eager to hit the slopes early.

“We get so many families, and to see them come out early, this far ahead of Christmas, is just really encouraging, because like I said it’s been a few years since we had this opportunity,” said Dekoning.

Jim Caflish was the among the first people to ride down the slopes this season, he’s been coming to Peek’n Peak for 58 years. His father was one of the original founders.

“People love to ski here. It’s a great place to learn to ski, and there’s always good snow, and a good atmosphere,” said Jim Caflish, skier.

So what makes the first day on the slopes so special?

Caflish says it’s the “change of the season, getting in the Christmas spirit, and just getting out and having some recreation.”

Peek’n Peak will be open through this weekend. They will be closed next week, but open for good next Friday.

Don’t miss Breakfast with Santa on Dec. 10 at Peek’n Peak Resort where each child will have the chance to visit Santa Clause, along with a breakfast buffet. The event begins at 8 a.m. with the last seating at 12 p.m. Read more here.