After amended revisions appeared on New York congressman George Santos’ campaign funding documents Tuesday, calls for his resignation are growing on both sides of the aisle.

These latest revelations are raising questions from who loaned the Santos’ campaign hundreds of thousands of dollars, to who is managing the money.

Those revised filings could be campaign finance violations, which experts say is illegal.

We spoke with Republican U.S. Representative Mike Kelly and asked if he thought Santos should resign.

“The question comes, does New York Three want this person representing them. Do they think he’s operating in their best interest, or is it somebody they need to remove from office? They have the ability to do that. I think that’s a decision that they have to make. What I don’t want to see is New York Three have no representation at all, that’s the worst thing that could happen,” said Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA), 16th District.

Kelly said the decision should be made by the people of Santos’ district, and not politicians like Speaker Kevin McCarthy.