Ryan Nash, NYPD hero


Fred Rogers always said when tragedy strikes; when terrible things happen; look for the helpers. That brings us to a hero: New York City Police Officer Ryan Nash, 28-years old, answering the call.

The officer, just 5 years on the force, stopping the suspect who plowed over people in a bike path on New York City streets killing 8 innocent bystanders. Ryan Nash says, “Although I feel we were just doing our job, like thousands of officers do every day, I understand the importance of yesterday’s events and the role we played, and I’m grateful for the recognition we have received”.

Recognition for what he did, after police say, the suspect emerged from that smoking pickup truck holding what appeared to be two weapons; waving them as he weaved in and out of traffic… parents and children everywhere after picking them up from school on Halloween. Officer Nash was on the scene because of a call just 30 minutes earlier, to a school right nearby.  He fired when the suspect would not drop those fake weapons.  Today, the Commissioner saying he and his partner acted with bravery, “once again, the NYPD stepped up and stopped this immediately”.  They absolutely did; he doesn’t consider himself a hero, though.

–David Muir

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