Smoking rules change at Presque Isle Downs and Casino


Smoking is temporarily suspended at Presque Isle Downs and Casino.

Today being the first day visitors at Presque Isle Downs are required to enter a designated smoking area.

The Erie County Department of Health and casino staff making this decision to better protect employees and guests from COVID-19.

Some gamblers have been going to Presque Isle Downs and Casino since Erie County went green a few weeks ago. But now Vice President and General Manager Kevin O’ Sullivan is saying he expects to see a decrease in gamblers because smoking is no longer allowed.

“We will probably see a drop in play and possibly in revenue because a lot of our customers come from Ohio where there’s no smoking either,” says O’ Sullivan.

O’ Sullivan adding now that Presque Isle Downs and Casino does not allow smoking inside the building, Ohio residents are returning to their local casinos.

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