(WJET/WFXP/YourErie.com) — If you looked up into the sky Friday night, there’s a chance you may have seen what looked like a chain of dots that didn’t quite seem like a normal constellation or shooting star.

The straight line of lights was actually SpaceX’s Starlink satellites. These very same lights could be seen over other parts of the country back in February.

These satellites fly closer to Earth than most other satellites and were first launched in 2019. Currently, there are more than 3,000 of these low-orbiting satellites used to supply broadband internet to Starlink customers all over the world.

When they’re launched, the satellites create a train of light on their way into orbit and fly at just the right height to be functional while the sun shines on them. This combined with how low in orbit they are, the lights can be easily seen from the ground without the aid of a telescope or binoculars.

These satellites can be tracked using three different live sites and apps that use live maps to show where different satellites are in real time called Find Starlink and SatelliteMap.Space and James.Darpinian. None of the sites say they are affiliated with SpaceX, Starlink or Elon Musk.