State law requires children to be vaccinated by the time that the school year begins


The state law requires children to be vaccinated by the time that the school year begins.

In light of the pandemic however, the Pennsylvania Department of Health has made adjustments.

We headed over to Robinson Elementary School to get more information on those immunization changes.

Students now have an additional two months to get their vaccinations. All students whether they are returning to campus or attending cyber school must have the required immunizations.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has suspended back to school vaccination regulations.

They now have two months from the date any school district starts classes.

“It’s recognized that with all the COVID shutdowns that have occurred it was probably some delays in getting routine childhood check ups that include the immunizations that are needed for school,” said Charlotte Berringer, Director of Community Health Services from the Department of Health.

Even if students are not returning to the classroom and are instead choosing a cyber academy option, they still need to have the required vaccinations.

“The school immunization regulations apply whether a child is actually in the classroom or whether the child is doing online learning. So it’s important for all students to be up to date on immunization,” said Berringer.

Officials from the Erie County Department of Health said that parents should start making appointments for their children’s immunizations and that they should not be afraid.

Health care providers are taking the necessary precautions to keep patients safe.

Doctors offices have opened primary care offices have opened and they’re opened in an extremely safe manner as far as how they’re scheduling appointments not having people wait in waiting rooms.

Berringer added that it’s not only elementary school students that need they’re vaccinations.

“It’s not just the young kids going to school it’s also seventh graders have requirements to start and by twelfth grade their has to be that second dose of meningitis vaccine,” said Berringer.

For the requirements for Pennsylvania Schools click here.

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