Suspect killed near Chicago positively identified as Crawford County murder suspect Kenneth Martell


 A man is shot and killed by police outside of Chicago, investigators confirming it’s Kenneth Martell, who was wanted for murder in Crawford County.

Just moments ago, getting an update from the coroner out of Lake County, Illinois.  Autopsy results showing he died of injuries from a gunshot wound to the face.  

This officer-involved shooting happened this morning, just after 5am.  It all started when an officer noticed a suspicious vehicle back into a gravel-access road.

Take a look at that vehicle as it’s towed form the scene of the shooting; a silver KIA SUV with a Pennsylvania license plate KHL-4596.  This is the same type of vehicle with the exact same license plate number that 36-year-old murder suspect Kenneth Martell was believed to be driving, Martell wanted in connection to the murder of 88-year-old Theodore Garver.

It appears that he drove nearly 500 miles from the Erie region, traveling west to the suburb of Lakemoor, Illinois.  That’s when an officer observed the silver KIA parked at a suspicious location.  She got out of her squad car to investigate and noticed someone in the driver’s seat who appeared to be sleeping.  She made contact with the individual; that’s when he brandished a firearm and a struggle ensued. 

Chris Covelli, Spokesman for Lake County Major Crime Task Force, tells us, “Her backup, luckily, wasn’t far away. Her backup arrived. A second firearm in the vehicle was observed in possession of this individual. One of the two officers did engage and shot at the offender. The offender was shot and subsequently shot and pronounced deceased at the scene.”

Investigators are trying to determine whether or not Martell discharged his firearms.

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