The Downtown Block Parties have seen many changes


The Downtown Block Parties have seen many changes in the past. Format and location are the biggest changes. These parties used to be in the streets and were moved to select locations. They also used to go on till 10:30 pm and now end at 10pm.

John Buchna is the Executive Director of the Erie Downtown Partnership. He said the current format is still pretty new. “I think there are just so many elements that make it weather being one of them,” said Buchna. He said he’s always looking for feedback that’s why there are white boards at the party.

They have also added street games, but some people still miss the old block parties. “You can see there’s nobody here,” said Erie local Rickie Lowers. While others are embracing the new. “The park is better because it’s prettier,” said Erie local Ron Sorvelli.

In the old format proceeds went to different non-profits. In 2017, they went to the care funds. Buchna said they are still waiting on getting their care teams up and running. At the August 4th block party they will be working with the Perry Square Alliance which will help raise money for more greenery Downtown and a holiday tree.

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