The Growing Film Industry In Erie

Erie may be a small city in size but it is large in so many other ways ,our film industry being one of them.
“So it has really grown” said filmmaker John C Lyons “and we are at a point now where it is only going to get bigger and better now that we have our infrastructure that we are building together. “
Our every season weather, Presque Isle fresh water beaches and the tight knit community makes Erie a great place to produce a film.
“We aren’t a huge city” Lyons adds “so you have a great community approach to filmmaking here local businesses will open their doors for you the playhouse and other acting bases around the area will work together to  help you cast your film. “
“You have all four seasons” said Greg Ropp co-owner of Erie Film LLC “you have a lake that can easily stand in for the ocean we have parts of Erie looks like Downtown Brooklyn we have parts of Erie that look like brand new beautiful metropolitan areas of New York City it’s amazing. “
John C Lyons of Lyons Den Productions is working on producing his third film in Erie, these films have been viewed around the globe.
“It’s been really good we’ve had screenings all across the globe at this point not just Erie” said Lyons “so it’s really good it is a chance for talent here to get exposure all over the world. “
The Film Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania works to assist local filmmakers and so does the Erie Film LLC.
“We like to facilitate people with getting the answers” said Ropp of Erie Film LLC “I mean sometimes people will just call us and ask a simple question like how do we close off a street to film a 15 minute action scene who do we talk to about tax incentives about filming in a certain location those are the kind of things we can help with at the film society. “
The Eerie Horror Fest is a local tradition that has brought filmmakers from all over the world.
“Last year between movies and screen plays we had entries from 31 different countries” said John Walkiewicz Vice President Eerie Horror Fest “we also had between 3 and four dozen filmmakers screen play writers actors make up artists show up to support their film or screenplay at our event. “
“I feel like if we have done so much in just five years” said Lyons “the next five years to ten years absolutely Erie will be the second or the third hub in the state for filmmaking right behind Philadelphia and Pittsburgh for sure.”

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