Trump calls for investigation on FBI agents in Russia probe


President Trump’s lawyers are calling for a new team to investigate the FBI agents working on the Russia probe and other possible conflicts of interest.

Overnight, ABC News reviewing 375 text messages between two former members of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team.  Messages that, according to President Trump’s lawyers, show a conflict of interest for the FBI in its Russia investigation.

The source of some of those texts, FBI Agent Peter Strzok.  But Mueller removed Strzok from his team immediately upon learning of the text messages.  Representative Goodlatte tells us, “The Department of Justice investigations must not be tainted by individuals imposing their own political prejudices”.

 Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, says, “We recognize we have employees with political opinions. It’s our responsibility to make sure those opinions do not influence their actions”.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has his staff reviewing the issue, but at this time, no one has alleged that the FBI officials have committed any crimes.

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