As the search continues for the missing boater on Lake Erie, the U.S. Coast Guard has some advice for anyone planning a trip out on the water.

“Ensure you have all your PFDs, fire extinguishers, not doing anything out of the ordinary. Make sure the speed that you’re traveling is a comfortable speed,” said Petty Officer Gage Downer, United States Coast Guard.

Petty Officer Downer reminds boaters to never become complacent and to remain aware while out on the water.

“Always be on your toes. You never know what the lake can throw at you. The lake can change in a moment’s notice. If you’re in that complacent moment, that complacent mindset, that’s where you can get into a really bad situation and a really bad hazard,” Downer said.

A family traveling to Erie for boating weighed in on boating safety and told us what precautions they take before going out on the lake.

“The kids always have to have their vests on. I have a throwable and we have a fire extinguisher and flares. It’s all necessary when you’re on the water,” said Rob Kulbacki, Tourist.

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Petty Officer Downer told us what boaters should do if a life-threatening situation arises.

“We would like everybody to have a radio. Channel 16 is our national hailing and distress channel. We have a COMM system inside of our unit where we have a watch-stander at all times of the day where they will be able to hear the call. We’ll be able to figure out where they’re at, respond to the call, and get out there,” Downer said.