After a two-year hiatus, the United Way Erie Free Taxes will kick off their tax filing season.

The weekend before Erie Free Taxes starts their season, they have a “Super Saturday” to get people to come out and learn about their program. The program is to help the community prepare to file. Then starting Monday, January 23, taxes can be filed for free through them. This goes until the end of tax season.

“It’s a great thing for the community because you don’t have to go to a paid preparer. We can do your state and your local as well as your federal. And this way, you’ll have all your stuff done and you get it in today and you don’t have to worry about it and you do not have to pay for it. It’s absolutely free,” said Tina Gilmore, Site coordinator for Erie Free Taxes.

To schedule an appointment, you can call 1(888)-829-5680.