Up high in the sky and saving lives

At a moments notice a medical helicopter can be dispatched to  the scene of an accident or an emergency. 
Inside someone is suffering, but a whole team pulls together to save a life. 10 thousand feet in the air, flying 165 miles per hour, The medical team aboard STAT MedEvac helicopter saves lives. 15 year – old Brandon Young is living proof.
In July the Erie teen was riding in the passenger seat of his friends car. The driver lost control, ejecting him from the vehicle, leaving him severely injured .  Brandon says the STAT MedEvac team saved his life at the scene, “I don’t think I would have been alive if they weren’t there”.  He says  he now looks at life in a different way, ” Whole world is just a whole lot brighter it’s a lot better now that I got a second chance.”
A STAT MED EVAC Helicopter is based in Meadville, and 17 additional locations around the region.  Each base operates 24 hours a day, ready to fly as needed, saving time and lives. Each flight is staffed with a flight nurse and paramedic. Flight nurse Tammy Weaver says working with STAT MedEvac is unlike any other job, “I would like to say that we fly around in helicopters and save peoples lives one patient at a time and make a difference in the world. “
The flight wouldn’t be possible without a pilot, Mark Dittritch, a  20 year veteran. He lands the chopper on hospital helipads, highways, fields, even in wooded areas with a clearing, ” Two lanes of traffic is plenty wide enough for me to land on.”  The only weather conditions prohibiting the team from flying is ice and thunderstorms. The aircraft is built to fly through most inclement weather. 
The success of STAT MedEvac is the result of teamwork and passion. A team working towards saving lives one flight at a time. 
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