Voices for Independence is making ways to expand their fitness program by hosting its second annual No Limits Adaptive Fitness Challenge.

About 80 people with disabilities put their fitness to the test in a four-stage fitness challenge.

By the time the participants finished the course, they did a full body workout with dumbbells, row machines., and medicine balls.

The CEO of VFI said that having a disability doesn’t mean you should stay your whole life.

“Disability doesn’t mean that you have to lead a completely sedentary lifestyle. I may sit down throughout my day, my whole day, but when I’m in the gym I’m working out just like anybody else. It’s important to get your heart rate up and get you moving so that you can be as healthy as possible,” said Shona Eakin, VFI CEO.

The Happy Camper Snack Shack was there with snacks for participants and volunteers.