VINTON, Va. (WFXR) — For some, summer conjures up thoughts of sitting by or on the water and catching fish.

While that sounds fun, it can also be daunting for someone who wants to fish, but is just learning how to do it.

What is the key to learning and growing a passion for the sport?

Knowledge is vital. That means doing some research into fishing, specific species, techniques, bodies of water, you get the idea.

So, where do you find that information? Here are some ideas.

  • Online resources like fishing web pages, social media sites, and video sites
  • Bait and tackle shops are usually happy to provide information to help you get started
  • Fishing guides are a good resource and will help you with information, or if you book a trip, they’ll provide you with one-on-one coaching

Catching fish is also important to learning and to building confidence. That means targeting easier-to-catch species like panfish. Another species that is easy to catch are creek chubs. They will readily take a small hook baited with a piece of worm. While you will not want to eat or keep them, catching chubs gives beginners the chance to learn what a bite feels like, how to land a fish, and most importantly, catching fish keeps the learning process fun.

Targeting and catching easy-to-catch species like creek chubs or panfish can boost confidence while learning to fish (Photo: George Noleff)

The gear used to target species like chubs or panfish is basic and easy to use, too. That reduces the learning curve. All a beginner needs is a light to medium light rod and reel combination, a line with hook and bobber, and worms.

That is a good starting set-up, and will allow a beginning angler to catch fish while learning how to go after bigger game species.