House Judiciary Committee hopes to move impeachment vote to full house


The House Judiciary continued their two day marathon today to consider the historic impeachment against President Trump, hoping to potentially vote the articles out of committee before the end of the day.

The fiery debate is off to a fierce start on Capitol Hill.

ABC’s Serena Marshall reports.

“I now call House resolution 755 impeaching Donald John Trump, President of the United States for high crimes and misdemeanors,” said Jerry Nadler, (D), Judiciary Chairman.

This morning, the House Judiciary Committee is poised to move the impeachment of President Trump to the full House of Representatives. But, the second day of debates are off to a passionate and partisan divide.

The historic impeachment hearing—only the fourth time in American history—got underway this morning.

The President has been active this morning on Twitter, sending more than 20 retweets in less than 30 minutes, including retweeting himself and old tweets from his personal lawyer maintaining he did nothing wrong, something Republicans echoed today as they moved to strike the impeachment articles.

“We’ve known there have been four facts that have not changed, will not change, will never change. Call transcript shows no quid pro quo,” said Jim Jordan, (R), Committee Member.

Immediately Democrats moved to strike, insisting the evidence against the President is rock solid.

“There is overwhelming evidence of the existence of a scheme led by the President, led by his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, to corrupt the American elections to continue to withhold military aid until such a time as a public announcement was made that would smear the President’s chief political rival,” said David Cicilline, (D), Committee Member.

Republicans then moved to strike that, which set the stage for the ongoing debate to move through along a party line vote, then to head to the floor where it is expected to pass in similar fashion next week. If passed, it would make President Trump just the third President in American history to be impeached.

President Trump is already looking towards the friendlier turf in the Republican controlled senate, but some top GOP Senators say they want a short trial with no live witnesses.

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