NYC Mayor throws hat into Presidential ring


A potential shakeup is taking place in the race for President. Is former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, about to throw his hat in the ring?

ABC’s Andrea Fuji has more from New York.

This morning, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg sending a jolt through the presidential race.

ABC News has confirmed the billionaire plans to file paperwork today to put his name on the Democratic Primary ballot in Alabama, just before an approaching deadline.

Overnight, Howard Wolfson, a top Bloomberg adviser tweeted:

Originally a lifelong Democrat, Bloomberg has changed party affiliations over the years, running for New York City Mayor in 2001 as a Republican— then becoming an independent—but last year, he re-registered as a Democrat.

“There are a number of moderates in this race already that are trying to position themselves as an alternative to those progressives, so he could just add another name to that pile and really divide up that vote,” said Mary Alice Parks, ABC news Deputy Political Director.

Both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have made an issue of going after billionaires like Bloomberg with a wealth tax and inheritance tax.

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