President Trump releasing 2021 budget proposal, calls for cuts in safety net programs


President Donald Trump is releasing his 2021 budget proposal.

Mirroring his campaign promises, the President is calling for big increases to military spending which includes $2 billion for the boarder wall and another round of tax cuts.

To pay for it all, the President is proposing stripping roughly $4.4 trillion from domestic programs like student loan assistance, affordable housing efforts and the EPA.

As for medicaid and medicare, spending for those are being decreased, with reductions in the future spending.

“If the State of the Union is what he says, then the budget is what he does. The two are from different planets,” said Senator Charles Schumer, (D), New York.

The President also proposed cutting $3 billion from the U.S. Government’s Global Health programs, even amid two global health crises including coronavirus and the second largest outbreak of Ebola ever.

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