CDC mask order for public travel now in effect


Travelers are now required to wear face masks on public transportation and in airports.

According to the CDC, all passengers boarding or disembarking from public travel must now wear a mask.

Masks must be worn on planes, busses, subways, trains and ride-share vehicles.

Derek Martin, executive director of the Erie International Airport, says increased sanitation and protocols continue inside the airport, as well as, between flights.

“They continue to wear their face masks once they enter the building, and when they go to check-in with the airlines. The one time they are asked to remove their face covering is when they meet with TSA, so that they can identify the face with the picture ID, then they replace the face covering once that’s taken care of,” said Derek Martin, executive director, Erie International Airport.

Children under the age of two or those who can’t wear a mask due to a disability are exempt from the order.

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