Bloomsburg University places sororities and fraternities on 18 month probation

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Bloomburg University of PA has placed sororities and fraternities on probation while the institution reforms Greek Life.

The university announced that it is cracking down on sororities and fraternities on campus to make it safer for students.

Under these new changes, Bloomsburg will not tolerate hazing of any kind, including anything involving physical abuse or alcohol.

Each fraternity and sorority will also have a scorecard telling parents and new members about any violations or issues.

“I think it’s for the best. All the schools need to do something about Greek Life, because there’s so many things going on and people just turn their heads to it,” said Carly Koshciolek, Sophomore, Bloomsburg University.

All 25 fraternities and sororities are under an 18 month probation period. The new rules are effective immediately.

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