PennDOT is reminding people to drive sober this holiday season.

Now through New Year’s Day, PennDOT says they are in an enforcement campaign for impaired driving, also known as Operation Safe Holiday.

The PennDOT District One safety press officer says now is the time to be with friends and family, but unfortunately the majority of first responders spend this time responding to crashes where people are severely injured or killed due to drivers being behind the wheel and under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

He reminds everyone to make a plan before taking to the road.

“Try to find a sober ride or arrange for that before you go. Nowadays with the availability of lift services like Lyft or Uber, there’s no excuse for trying to get behind the wheel. If you have a friend that you’re going with and you see that they’re drinking, take their keys from them so they’re not tempted to drive,” said Saxon Daugherty, District One safety press officer, PennDOT.

Daugherty told us that in the northwest corner of Pennsylvania, 58 crashes between Thanksgiving 2021 and New Year’s Day of 2022 occurred from impaired driving that resulted in two fatalities.