Gov. Wolf joins President Biden in Philadelphia to push for stalled voting rights legislation

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Governor Tom Wolf joined President Joe Biden in Philadelphia today as Biden pushed for voting rights legislation that is currently stalled in Congress.

“I am proud to join President Biden in Philadelphia, the birthplace of our nation, to stand up for the freedom to vote and the sacred right to have your voice heard in our elections. Not only will I stand against any efforts to roll back our freedoms, I will continue to push for changes to take down the barriers to voting that still exist.

This is a critical moment for our democracy.  Some bad actors in the state legislature and across the country are spewing lies and debunked conspiracy theories to make people question the results of the November election. These are the same lies they used to try to throw out every vote cast in the November ​2020 election and ultimately caused the January 6 insurrection which shocked our nation with images of horrendous violence and destruction as a mob invaded the U.S. Capitol.

Now these bad actors are pushing Arizona- style sham election reviews that are a chaotic and embarrassing mess that divide people and waste taxpayer dollars. They’re the same fringe politicians who want to pass laws to take away the freedom to vote for their own political gain. It is shameful and un-American.

Pennsylvanians believe in freedom and fairness, and I share President Biden’s commitment to protecting our elections and the sacred right to vote. That is why I recently vetoed a bill that was disguised as election reform but was really about creating barriers to voting. All of us must stand united to defend the core values of our country and protect our democracy. Future generations are depending on us to rise to the moment.”

Governor Tom Wolf, D, Pennsylvania

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