HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Larger events are expected to return to the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg by mid-September according to a press release from the Pennsylvania Department of General Services.

The personal protective equipment (PPE) stockpile currently stored inside the Harrisburg Farm Show Complex is set to be moved over the coming months, making way the All-American Dairy Show, which begins Sept. 18, and the Keystone International Livestock Exposition, which begins Oct. 1.

Over the past several weeks, a proposed warehouse lease was renegotiated to save taxpayers $400,000 per year – up to a total of $2 million over the full length of the five-year lease.

“This is a huge win for the agricultural community and for taxpayers,” said Stacy Garrity, Pennsylvania Treasurer. “The Farm Show Complex is tremendously important to Pennsylvania’s agricultural community and the state’s overall economy.”

However, under CDC guidelines, the specific location of the new State PPE Stockpile cannot be disclosed.

“It’s essential that the PPE be moved to another location as quickly as possible. I’m pleased the trucks will be rolling soon,” added Garrity.

The lease includes the potential for two one-year extensions, and after 42 months it can be terminated by the Commonwealth with six months’ notice.