Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, Second Lady of PA Gisele Fetterman are a hit on Twitter

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HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — It’s no secret that during a stressful time for the entire country, people are spending more time on social media. Many are turning to one Pennsylvania power couple’s social media accounts to get some laughs.

Lt. Governor John Fetterman and his wife Gisele Fetterman are a hit on Twitter.

Priscilla Liguori explains.

They say they’re serious when they need to be, but they use the app to connect with constituents and to simply make people smile.

“I’ll wake up in the morning and I’ll just see the latest drags that I’ve gotten,” said Lt. Governor John Fetterman.

Lt. Governor John Fetterman’s biggest fan is actually his biggest troll: Gisele Fetterman.

“GQ referred to him as an American style god,” Gisele Fetterman jokes.

“No, taste…an American taste god,” said Lt. Governor John Fetterman.

“It’s so offensive,” Gisele Fetterman said with a laugh.

“But so true though,” said Lt. Governor John Fetterman.

The two write all of their own tweets.

“We take the work seriously, but we don’t take each other seriously and we don’t take ourselves seriously and I think that’s an important balance to have,” said Gisele Fetterman.

Many Twitter users love it.

The couple gets thousands of engagements.

People keep asking for more, from photos of their wedding, to their daily lives.

“Hey honey you accidentally cut my head off,” Lt. Governor John Fetterman remembers saying to his wife. “She was like, ‘I know,’ and I’m like, ‘what do you mean you know?’ She was like, ‘if I left your head in I couldn’t have fit my shoes in.”

The fashionista points out this was before there were apps that let you to scale photos, and the shoes were a great deal.

Anyway, the joke hasn’t stopped.

“We all have to make choices,” said Gisele Fetterman.

“Now people are more surprised if my head appears in a picture with my wife than if it doesn’t,” said Lt. Governor John Fetterman.

Pennsylvanians who take pictures with Fetterman have started asking if they too could crop his head out. He plays along.

Another comical saga: the battle between Sheetz and Wawa.

“There really isn’t a debate. Sheetz is better than Wawa,” said Lt. Governor John Fetterman.

“I have room in my heart for both,” said Gisele Fetterman.

Fun aside, the couple also uses their accounts to discuss issues or efforts they’re working on, like marijuana or immigration.

“People may not have an idea of what an undocumented immigrant looks like and what their story is, and I actually get to share ‘oh I was one of them,’” said Gisele Fetterman.

The combination of seriousness and playfulness creates a trust and an open dialogue that the Fettermans believe is important in serving the Keystone State.

“There is nothing about me that’s interesting, or whatever,” said Lt. Governor John Fetterman.

“Yeah I agree, but as the more interesting half of this marriage, it’s wonderful. We love this state and we love our constituents and it feels like one big family,” said Gisele Fetterman.

The Fettermans say their “non-fans” call them Lurch and Morticia from the Addams family.

The Lt. Governor agrees he looks like Lurch, and Gisele considers it a compliment to look like Morticia.

So, they played into the joke and dressed up like them for Halloween.

The Fettermans say that even got some of those “non-fans” to come around.

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