(WHTM) – There may be a glimmer of hope in the state budget stalemate and that glimmer came from Senate President Pro Tem, Kim Ward. The Top Republican in the Senate, who made news in conversion with abc27.

Kim Ward is the only person that can call the Senate back to sign that $45.5 billion budget that’s already been passed by both chambers but is in limbo.

The big fight is over a $100 million voucher plan or 0.2% of the budget.

Ward said Republicans are still trying to convince Governor Shapiro not to veto the vouchers. If the fight is prolonged and drags into the fall, schools, and programs won’t get their money.

Ward is abc27’s guest on This Week in Pennsylvania and told abc27 that it won’t be prolonged. The first positive comment in the now three-week-long standoff.

Ward said, “I’m sure at some point in August we’ll be able to get the general appropriations signed and the treasurer Stacy Garrity said she can checks out to schools in a day so some of its scare tactics trying to ramp up the pressure but the bottom line is we’re not gonna leave Pennsylvanians hanging we’re gonna make sure we do the job we were elected to do.”

Ward also said they are trying to pull aside funding for some of the Democrat priorities that were given in exchange for vouchers, about $400 million worth of programs like school breakfast for all and student-teacher stipends, continue to debate that but let the rest of the funding go out.

To see the full conversation with Senator Ward check out This Week in Pennsylvania on Sunday, July 23 at 10 a.m. right here on abc27.