Bills angered by Gronkowski cheap shot

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Rob Gronkowski was well on his way to another Gronk-like return home to Buffalo. 

He had nine catches for 147 yards. Many of those receptions were vital in setting up the Patriots’ two touchdowns. 

However, the day turned ugly late in the fourth quarter after Tre’Davious White picked off a Tom Brady pass. 

White was lying on the ground with the ball, out of bounds. The play was over. Yet, Gronkowski delivered a forearm shiver to White’s head. 

“Tre’Davious was on the ground and (Gronk) eyed him up,” Micah Hyde said. “He looked right at him, I’m not sure if it was a shoulder or elbow, but that was dirty.”

The Bills defensive back left the game. He was evaluated for a head injury. 

Bill Belichick apologized to Sean McDermott for the cheap shot after the game. Bills fans booed Gronk off the field with Gronk quite obviously enjoying the venom. 

There was nothing about the play White’s Bills teammates enjoyed. 

“{There’s] nowhere in this league for that type of play,” Jordan Poyer said. “I understand flames are going, heat of the battle, but there is no room in this league for that type of crap.” 

“It was unnecessary. I don’t know what they’re going to do for it, but it’s not the game of football,” Preston Brown said. “He was obviously down, out of bounds, and he decided to hit him late. It is what it is. We hope Tre is all right and that’s all I can say about it.”

“That was an ugly, nasty play, dirty play,” LeSean McCoy said. “I’ve never seen him do that before, he’s a hell of a player, good person too. It’s surprising.”

There will almost certainly be NFL discipline for the hit sometime this week. A fine is very likely. A suspension is possible.

Gronkowski did feel bad about the play after the game. 

“I definitely want to apologize to #27,” Gronkowski said. “I’m not in the business of that. I was just really frustrated at that moment. It just happened naturally through emotions and frustration. Just want to apologize to Tre’Davious White. I don‘t really believe in type of shots like that but, just due to frustration process and the game of football, emotions, that’s what happened.”

Hyde was not moved when told of the apology. He was one of multiple Bills that was surprised Gronkowski was not ejected. 

“Apology or not, it was a dirty play,” Hyde said. “No need for that in the game that we play.”

“I asked the ref why he was not ejected,” Poyer said. “I said ‘anybody else makes that type of play, they’re ejected’. To me, it was blatant. He WWE’d him. it’s like he was in the wrestling arena again. Like I said, uncalled for, but it is what it is. We’ll move on.” 

The Bills and Patriots square off again Christmas Eve in Foxboro. Poyer thinks this is the type of play that will carry over to the rematch. 

Hyde thinks the Bills won’t be able to avoid thinking about it again. 

“It’ll be a story because you guys will make it a story.”

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