Bills fire Rick Dennison

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It wasn’t exactly the same feeling as the Andy Dalton last minute TD pass, but Bills fans got exactly what they wanted. 

The team announced late Friday morning offensive coordinator Rick Dennison has been fired. 

Despite ending the longest playoff drought in pro sports, Dennison’s play calling was the target of criticism all season long. The decision to allow a pass on first and goal from the one in the Wild Card game against Jacksonville (though the play was thought to be a run-pass option with Tyrod Taylor having the final call) was the latest choice to draw the ire of Billsmafia. 

This season was the first that Rick Dennison had ever held solo play calling duties. He’s worn the title of offensive coordinator on other occasions, but it was always under a head coach who called his own plays (Mike Shanahan, Gary Kubiak). 

The Bills offered no hints as to who they might be after to replace Dennsion or how soon that choice would be made. 

Among the hot names available are Mike Shula and Darrell Bevell. Each has recently been fired from a team that made the Super Bowl in the last three seasons (Shula-Panthers, Bevell-Seahawks). 

No matter who is hired, it will be the 5th Bills offensive coordinator in as many seasons. 

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