Bills prepared for a trio of Patriots quarterback

NFL Buffalo

Normally the Bills know what to expect when they take on the Patriots. 

Tom Brady, Tom Brady and more Tom Brady.

Now the Patriots have the mystery of a three head question mark on who will be under center come Sunday.

Buffalo has been practicing all week to face Jimmy Garoppolo, Jacoby Brisset and even former Kent State QB Julian Edelman.

“We know the task is going to be a big one. The quarterback thing, yeah you got to be prepared and you actually have to be prepared for three different guys. They’re no dummies, they’re leaving it out there, they can know who it is, I get it. They’re certainly not going to do us any favors. you know, we’ll be prepared. It may take a little more time than normally what it would, but I’d rather do that than face Tom Brady,” said Rex Ryan

Preston Brown added, “We know what Edelman will do, we’ll watch some Kent State film or where ever he played quarterback so we’ll defiantly watch everything we can so we’ll be prepared for all three of them and try and go out there and make a good plan.”

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