Boldin says Charlottesville motivated retirement

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Anquan Boldin was moved, like many, by the events in Charlottesville last week. 

That’s what he says motivated him to retire. 

Boldin spoke with Ross Tucker on SiriusXM NFL radio Monday morning. Boldin told Tucker he’s done with football. 

“Seeing things transpire over the last week or so… there are things bigger than football,” Boldin said. 

The 36 year old said his decision to retire after 14 seasons (plus two weeks with the Bills) was not made lightly. 

“I’m uncomfortable with how divided we are as a country,” Boldin said. “This is not a fly by night decision. It’s something I want to dedicate my life to.”

Tucker asked Boldin if he would sign with a contender later in the season, but Boldin said he was done with football. “My passion is elsewhere.”

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