Cordy Glenn status worsens

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Cordy Glenn flew to Wisconsin to have an injection administered to his injured left foot. He will not play in Buffalo’s preseason game Thursday and is listed as week to week. 

Sean McDermott said on Sunday he was “concerned” about Glenn. Tuesday, that concern turned to hope. 

“The doctors are hopeful, we’re all hopeful,” McDermott said. “It’s really week-to-week at this point, and we hope to get him back as soon as possible.”

Glenn practiced with the Bills as training camp began, but started missing practices a week later. It was Glenn’s decision to seek a second opinion and, that week, he flew to Charlotte for a consult from Dr. Bob Anderson. The same doctor administered the injection this week. 

Glenn did not participate in any of the Bills offseason training, hoping to be ready by camp. 

McDermott did not regret how the Bills have handled this injury. 

“You never want to see anything linger. We’ve addressed it right from the start, in terms of the treatment end of things,” McDermott said. “We’re hopeful at this point that this is something that can finalize it and knock it out and Cordy [Glenn] can return on a full time basis.”

Without Glenn, McDermott said the Bills will not alter contingency plans. Rookie Dion Dawkins has played primarily on the right side during training camp. He did play four years of left tackle in college at Temple and is confident he could adapt if necessary. 

“I’ve been doing a lot of right [side] reps, so my right is becoming my more natural side but once I get a couple sets in, then it’ll come right back,” Dawkins said. “I’ve been playing left tackle for four-plus years so it’s basically just built inside of me.”

The two positions are much more different than would be expected. 

“It’s like throwing the football with your right hand and then switching and learning with your left,” Dawkins said. “It seems like it should be an easy switch because I’m doing the exact same things, but your body uses certain muscles on different sides. Going from one side to the other is an extremely different ballgame. As I do it, day in, day out, it gets better.”


If Glenn misses any serious time, it would be huge blow. 

Dawkins can likely handle the job if tapped. He spent the spring taking left tackle reps and discussed Tuesday how much going against guys like Jerry Hughes helps. He certainly won’t see much better from anyone else. 

That said, Dawkins is still a rooke. Expecting Glenn-level ability is dreaming. There’s only so many spots an NFL team can have quality depth and in Buffalo, tackle is not one of them. 

The plan was already to use Dawkins on the right side because we all know Jordan Mills isn’t the answer there. Seantrel Henderson has not distinguished in camp and looked brutal Thursday against the Vikings. He’s already got a ten game suspension to serve anyway. 

That leaves Michael Ola, Cameron Jefferson or converting an inside guy outside. Ryan Groy was good enough at center for Eric Wood last year. Maybe the Bills can find a way to make him work at tackle. He hasn’t practiced there at all, so far. 

The domino effect could be disastrous. If Dawkins has even a normal rookie learning curve, Tyrod Taylor will be worrying about pressure coming from either edge at all times. Richie Incognito and Wood would be stretched to provide help on both sides, instead of just on the right. 

With Sammy Watkins gone, Glenn might be the most indispensible player on offense next to LeSean McCoy. (I know, I know… the quarterback! I luuuvv Nate Peterman, so I’ll live on the “Glenn would be a bigger loss than Tyrod” island for now)

With still three and a half weeks until the opener, there’s time. The Bills better cross all their fingers and toes Glenn can get this injury figured out. 

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