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Kyle Williams didn’t want to wait for a question.

After watching tens of thousands of Bills fans brave one of the worst winter storms the NFL has ever seen for 60 minutes plus overtime, he had to speak.

Williams called Bills fans the “toughest people in the world and the reason he’s played in Buffalo so long”. Bills fans, unsurprisingly, ate it up like home-cooked chicken wings. 

Williams explained Wednesday the message wasn’t to get a fawning reaction or earn some love from BillsMafia.

It simply was necessary.

“They needed to know what they mean and the chord they strike with me,” Williams said. “And not just with me, with our football team. It wasn’t about anything but them knowing what they mean.”

Bills fans aren’t the only ones who love to hear his words.

“The guy can seriously make everyone in here run through a wall,” Jerry Hughes said. “He gets you amped up. He gets you going. When it’s eight inches of snow outside and you can’t barely see anything, you’re juiced up, ready to play football. That’s just the kind of leader he is. He’s not going to say much, but on game day, he’s going to get the troops riled up, ready to go.”

Sean McDermott said he knew of Williams’ on field skills before he came to Buffalo. The off field stuff has blown him away. 

“From an intangible, off the field standpoint, leadership-wise, [he’s] off the charts,” McDermott said. “I’ve enjoyed getting to know Kyle and his family and he’s a big part of what we do here.”

“You can always catch him in here working hard, putting in the extra work,” Hughes said. “Showing the young guys how to be a veteran. Showing the young guys what it takes to be in the league 15 years and play at a high level. He’s all of that.”

Fans may get to see and hear about the pre-game and post-game speeches, but Williams says the real bonding happens Monday through Saturday when the real work and preparation happens. 

“Any time you come in here and you spend a lot of time with these guys and you pour a lot of yourself into guys. When you mean something to them, it obviously means a lot to you,” Williams said. 

At 34 years old, Williams future is uncertain enough that this Sunday may be his final game at New Era Field. Williams admitted he’s trying not to think about that, calling it a “distraction”.

“There’s enough trouble in the day with getting ready for the Dolphins and trying to finish strong and get where we want to go and trying to accomplish our goals. I’m not going to make it about me and I’m not going to think about on those terms.”

If that’s how Williams says goodbye, Bills fans will probably love it, all the same. 

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