Handling the Josh Allen fastball

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Josh Allen’s completion percentage wasn’t great on Thursday morning. 

In part, because a few of his on target heaters could not be handled by Bills receivers. Some of which are currently on the third team. 

Learning how to handle the Josh Allen fastball may take some time. 

“Definitely gotta be ready for it,” veteran pass catching running back Travaris Cadet said. “Sometimes, you just gotta get your head around quicker. Sometimes, you got to anticipate a throw before you come out to break. Knowing where (Allen) is trying to put the ball.”

Wideout Jeremy Kerley is entering his eighth year in the NFL. He says any ball that gets to the hands should be a catch, no matter how hard it’s thrown. “I can catch almost any ball.”

It still helps to be prepared for those few extra mph’s.

“To be successful in this league you gotta know what quarterback you are dealing with. So yeah, its definitely helpful to know what to expect and what you’re gonna get,” Kerley said. 

Kaelin Clay preaches “eyes to the tuck” and greater focus to keep the Allen passes from becoming only vapor trails. It is a different ball, but it’s still just making a catch. 

“If he has a laser arm, which he does, then we have to get used to that,” Clay said. 

Cadet says Bills receivers have to be ready for the ball at any time. They also can’t give up on a play. 

“With tight windows and tight coverages, he’s able to stick the ball in there,” Cadet said. “Like Aaron Rodgers, those guys who have those strong arms, even if they throw late some times, it still gets in there.”

Depending on the wind or which angle the receiver sees a pass coming, Cadet says the ball can come in a bit funny sometimes with the heat Allen’s arm carries. 

Many think Allen’s big arm will be helpful when the weather turns cold. Rookie Ray-Ray McCloud isn’t so sure. 

“It’s outrageous. I’m about to let him know that we need to take some steam off that when the weather go down,” he says with a laugh. “But, definitely a great quarterback.”

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