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Officially, Jordan Matthews was limited in practice on Wednesday and Sean McDermott was non-committal about his status for Sunday.

Unlike Monday, Matthews was catching passes with his surgically repaired right hand. He admitted there’s still discomfort, but he sounded like a guy who’s ready to play. 

“I felt great today,” Matthews said. “I felt good about what I was able to do and they gave me a lot of opportunities to actually go out there and actually get acclimated to playing ball with the guys. I think everybody’s proud of what happened today. We’ve just got to continue to progress.”

As much as getting Matthews back would help the offense, so would getting LeSean McCoy back. The real McCoy.

You can tell he’s getting antsy. He said something to the effect of “we’ve got to get going” a half dozen times during his Wednesday meeting with media.

“It’s time for myself to get rolling. Get back to the normal big chunks, big plays like we’ve been doing,” he said. 

Offensive coordinator Rick Dennison wanted to run the ball using more outside zone blocking this year. It worked week one, but not much since.

Instead, the Bills have gone back to schemes and plays they’ve used the past two years.

“It’s not really that difficult for us because we’re familiar with all the different techniques and all the different schemes we’ve been running the last few years,” Richie Incognito said. “When the coach picks to plug them back in, we’re ready to go.”

Incognito credits the coaches for being adaptable and changing mid-stream to things that “suit us better.”

“It’s something that’s been working for so long, stick with it,” McCoy said. “The coaches know that, but they have their own schemes they want to do. We also want to do the things that we’ve been doing. Just do it better.”

“We’re very multiple, very flexible. We have a bunch of athletic guys,” John Miller said. “No matter the scheme, whether it’s outside zone, gap, tight zone. Whatever the scheme is, we play it well.”

McCoy says if he can start breaking more big plays, it’s not just good for him. It’s good for the whole offense. It keeps them on the field. It keeps them moving the ball.

He punctuated the whole run game discussion very succinctly. “I gotta get 100 yards, man. It’s as simple as that.”

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