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Terry Pegula missed his first game as Bills owner over the weekend. Travel plans from the Adirondacks were halted by weather. 

So, he watched on TV like most Bills fans. And like most Bills fans, he was none too happy with the replay reversal on Kelvin Benjamin’s touchdown. 

On Tuesday, Pegula wasn’t afraid to say so. 

“I don’t know what’s going on, but we have to fix it,” Pegula said Tuesday, while appearing on Buffalo’s WGR Radio. “I’m not saying this as the owner of the Bills. I’m saying it as a football fan. We can’t have stuff like this happening in our league.”

Like many, Pegula did not think there was enough clear evidence on replay to change the call. NFL officiating chief Al Riveron is the one who makes that decision from New York City. 

“Obviously, they weren’t looking at the same television the rest of the country was looking at, were they?” he said.

Pegula then wondered if the original intent of replay is being subverted. 

“Replay was developed by this league to correct obvious mistakes,” Pegula said. “If you’ve got to look at a play 30 times from five different angles and keep looking at it and looking at it and looking at it, you go with the call on the field. It’s what the league’s been doing ever since replay started.”

The NFL declined to comment on what Pegula said.

Sean McDermott supported his owner on Tuesday in his weekly start of the week press conference. McDermott would not go into details about what he is doing regarding the play. 

Sunday after the game, all McDermott could say about the play is that he’s “at a loss” about why they overturned it. And on Tuesday?

“I’m still at a loss,” he said. “I have spoken with the league on it and I remain at a loss. That said, we must turn the page as a team and move forward. That’s getting our focus on ourselves and the Miami Dolphins.”

Each of the last two heads of NFL officiating–Dean Blandino and Mike Pereira–both blasted the call Sunday. Mike Pereira criticized the league by saying the official’s call was incorrectly reversed by “someone in a suit in an office in New York.”

Pegula says he will address his concerns with the NFL. If they don’t like it, too bad.

“If it’s unfriendly from the other side, I can dish back unfriendly, too, because it’s a little upsetting” he said.

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