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The Bills have to decide by March 16th whether or not to pay the six million dollar roster bonus due to quarterback Tyrod Taylor. 

They may have already made a choice. 

According to Ian Rapoport of, the Bills are planning on paying Taylor the bonus. 

The goal could be to trade him afterward. Taylor’s contract for a new team would only be one year for ten million. It’s a cheap deal in the current quarterback market for a potential starter. 

The problem is Buffalo would have to swallow the six million dollar bonus as dead money against the 2018 cap. It would be in addition to the nearly three million of dead cap dollars the Bills would owe for just refusing the bonus and releasing Taylor. 

There is another option. The Bills could just keep him. Taylor is as viable a bridge quarterback as anyone else on the market not named Kirk Cousins. If Tyrod started 2018, even to keep the seat warm for a rookie, there would be no dead money. 

The Bills have appeared likely all offseason to release Taylor when the decision comes on his roster bonus. An opposing team would have little motivation to give up a draft pick for a player that can be available for free March 16th. 

That is, unless he won’t be available for free. Whether or not that is the Bills actual plan, they only need one team to believe Taylor won’t be released for a trade to happen. 

Bills fans likely won’t know for sure until much closer to the decision date. Players can begin talking to new teams on March 11th and free agency begins, officially, March 14th. 

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