Robey-Coleman now playing with his mother on his back

NFL Buffalo

For three season Nickell Robey made a name for himself. He went from undrafted out of USC, to a key piece in the Bills secondary. Now he wants you to know him as Nickell Robey-Coleman. 

After going through the legal process to have has his last name officially changed, Robey-Coleman couldn’t be happier. 

“it means so much to me man, its more emotional and personal thing to me and to know I got her name on my back and I’m out here playing and busting my tail,” said Robey-Coleman.

It was tricky going through the family law department while away at training camp in Rochester. Normally you have to make a physical appearance in court to have your name changed. Robey-Coleman explained his situation with being a professional football player and teh judge allowed the case to move forward over the phone.

“You have to have to have a good enough reason why to change your name. You can’t just change it because you woke up one morning and wanted to change your name, you have to have a legit reason and then the judge have to approve it,” added Robey-Coleman.

Now moving forward Robey-Coleman is looking ahead and was smiling ear to ear when he said, “now if I have a son that plays in the NFL or a daughter who plays soccer, that name will carry on.”

While some of his friends were skeptical about the change, Robey-Coleman says all the support he has received has been overwhelming, “what surprised me was the positive feedback I got from it. Thats what made me feel so much better. My fans, the bills organization they were all for it. And thats when I was like I’m doing the right thing.”

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