Teammates, past and present, express their gratitude towards Eric Wood

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Eric Wood’s statement Monday was short and sweet. It last just 86 seconds and seemed to raise more questions than it answered. Despite the awkwardness of the brief press conference, it didn’t stop family members, coaches, and teammates past and present from showing up and expressing their support.

“He’s a guy that truly cares about the community and the things he’s doing and so that’s always been the most impressive thing to Eric is he’s just a genuine person,” said former teammate Ryan Fitzpatrick.

“It’s real. It’s not what he shows in TV or in front of the camera. He’s that same guy when he’s at home or with his family and dealing with us away from the building,” added Lorenzo Alexander.  

“It’s just been great for me to be around a man like him and his caliber. He’s been aspiring me in my life and holds me accountable and wants me achieve more for myself as well,” said the Bills linebacker.

“I know that he’s given everything he has to this organization and I know he’s loved here in Buffalo and for good reason,” said Fitzpatrick. 

“I had my under center plenty with him,’ laughed former Bills quarterback.

“You tend to form a unique bond when your that close to somebody.” 

“He’s a guy that myself, Kyle Williams, LeSean McCoy and other veterans that are on this team that are seen as leaders as willing to follow. And I think that’s the ultimate testament when oyu have people in your peer group and people that have accomplished the same things you have, that are willing to follow you,” said Alexander

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