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Micah Hyde has sure been impressed with Bills first round pick Tre’Davious White. 

“Tre’s a beast, man. He’s good. He’s real good. He’s making plays on the ball, he’s all over the place,” Hyde says. “That guy’s going to be really good. He reminds me of Sam Shields and that’s a Pro Bowl player.”

White is still getting acclimated to the NFL level. He’s thankful to have lots of ears to chew on in Buffalo, and on both sides of the ball. 

That includes a guy White calls one of the best receivers in the league: Sammy Watkins.

“He’s a great guy. He’s a guy you can definitely talk to,” White said. “You want to know what a receiver’s thinking when you line up a certain way. And that’s definitely a guy I talk to about it. He’s won against the best. Revis and guys like that. He knows what defensive backs are thinking so I just want to pick at his brain and pick up any tidbits I can.”

Hyde is among the most experienced in the Buffalo secondary in terms of years served, but that’s not what White has found most valuable.

“He’s a guy who played a lot of different positions in Green Bay, so he’s sort of a guy that I can pretty much go to in any aspect of the defense,” White said. “From a nickel standpoint or a safety standpoint, knowing that guy is going to be able to talk because he knows pretty much everything that’s going on on the field.”

White thinks the transition from the college to pro scheme will be easier for him than most. He says the Bills defense is similar to the scheme at LSU and it was just a matter of learning new terminology. 

“This is a new defense for everybody (in Buffalo),” White said. “I’m fortunate enough to come from a place where they trained us well to pick up on defenses and have an overall knowledge of football.”

White has a three month old son he had to leave behind in Louisiana. He dropped off Tre’Davious White II at daycare the last day before training camp started. White says his son gave dad a strong look as he walked away. “It was one of those things.”

His girlfriend is completing nursing school. She’ll be done in December. The family won’t be living with White during the season, but he thinks they’ll see him often. 

“Once season rolls around, they’re going to come to whatever games they can,” White said. 

He hopes to be ready to impress by then. 

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