One of the ongoing truths in business is if a business is closing creates an opening, there’s usually someone nearby to fill it.

The truth could be seen around Presque Isle State Park in 2022 after a number of bait shops closed.

Melissa Kelly and her husband, Captain Dan, have been around the water for a while now, doing charter runs and other fishing experiences.

But with customers asking where bait can be found, the couple saw another possibility.

The result is Buckets Fishing Shack at the Marina Dock on Presque Isle.

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“We have night crawlers and green worms, minnows and southern minnows and a lot of different tackle as well for people to actually come in if they are out on the water or on Presque Isle State Park fishing,” said Melissa Kelly, Buckets Fishing Shack.

While there used to be a lot of bait shops, that’s not as true these days. Those looking to fish the waters around the peninsula are grateful the new operation is not starting its second year.

“They seem to be loving it. It’s just that much nicer because they don’t have to drive a long way out of the way to get their fish or whatever else they are looking for, the tackle that they are looking for,” Kelly said.

Buckets Fishing Shack can be found on the Marina Gas Dock at Presque Isle.

They are open Monday-Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

To learn more, visit their Facebook page.