There are a lot of ways to see the natural beauty of Presque Isle, by walking the beaches or riding the trails, but there are other ways that may require a little waiting.

It’s not as easy to get a seat on one of Presque Isle’s pontoon boats as it used to be.

Oh, the ride is still free, and still explores beautiful scenes like the lagoons, but since the pandemic restrictions, the park only permits ten riders per trip.

That means come early and be prepared for the possibility of waiting.

“We do tours through graveyard pond through misery bay then we go to the end of the lagoons to see Big Pond and Long Pond for the most part fish, some great birds to see at Presque Isle and then some great plants you get to learn about,” said Emily Pier, environmental specialist intern.

The lagoons are accessible to both canoes and kayaks but if all that paddling strikes you as a bit much you might be limited in your options.

“The only other way to get out to the lagoons is through a kayak or a canoe. We don’t allow any electric or combustion engines out in the lagoons, so the only way to do that is through the pontoon boats or the kayaks. I think it’s really a great way to see nature in its own territory,” Pier added.

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The free pontoon rides around Misery Bay are only available Saturdays and Sundays, leaving at 9 a.m. and again at 10:30 a.m.

Only 10 passengers per trip right now are seated on a first come first serve basis.