The gates normally close at Presque Isle State Park at sunset, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a glimpse of park life at night.

Your first chance is virtual as park staff release images of the park at night every month with the animal activity that goes with it.

“One way we do it, it’s virtually on the first Wednesday of every month, we host our Wildlife Wednesdays where we share pictures and videos that we have taken. Some are in daylight, some in the evening, and some are at night,” said Ray Bierbower, Presque Isle State Park.

If you prefer the park in person, there are two night hikes that are planned in the hopes of seeing nocturnal animals in real time. The first will walk an interior trail and the second will visit the lighthouse at night. However, given the winter conditions, park staff say they will wait to determine if it is a go.

“Trail conditions are so iffy anymore that we kind of wait until we find something that’s safe and we see some kind of animal activity that we want to address,” Bierbower said.

Learn more about Presque Isle at Night with a virtual presentation on the first Wednesday of every month. The first night hike on a trail is planned for February 16th.

On February 22nd, a second hike focuses on the Presque Isle Lighthouse.

You can click here to learn more about these events.