Golden Apple Award

Golden Apple Award 12/05/2018 - Mrs. Stacey Hetrick

Freedom of the press and the fourth estate, topics taught in the English and journalism classes of this week's Golden Apple Award-Winning Teacher.

Mrs. Stacey Hetrick is getting the Golden Apple for the second time in her 25-year teaching career in this classroom.  The Saegertown High School English and journalism teacher got it once before in 2005 and her husband has one too.

Mrs. Hetrick advises the young journalists who publish the award-winning school paper 'The Panther Press'.  She says molding the future of these budding reporters is the best job in the world.  Why?  "Because we get to help."

Student nominator Bree Snyder says Mrs. Snyder teaches us how to be good people, how to succeed, to be determined, and stand up for what we believe. 

"She's really encouraging..."

And in this season of giving, the gifts here are evident.

In this class, the home of the Panther Press, there's nothing fake about the news that Stacey Hetrick is this week's JET 24 Edinboro University Golden Apple Award Winner.

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