How many people working a job can say they’ve dreamed about that job since they were in first grade?

That’s the story for this week’s Golden Apple Award-winning teacher.

This week’s Golden Apple Award winner is Cindy Spicher, a first-grade teacher at Leadership Christian Academy on Sterretania Road.

She was this young when inspired to become a teacher at the former Belle Valley Elementary School.

“I had a first-grade teacher, her name was Miss Hopkins, and I loved her and wanted to be a teacher ever since,” said Spicher.

After 20 years as a teacher, what is it she likes most?

“Right there. That’s what I like — just the kids every day and I think when I had kids myself, I realized what a privilege it was somebody trusted me with their kids and just that opportunity to speak life into them each day,” Spicher added.

This week’s student nominator writes, “the best thing about Mrs. Spicher is they begin their morning with either a hug, high five or a fist bump.”

“Those are the three favorites, yep, and Kinsley chooses the hug every day,” Spicher said.

“Well she always gives me hugs in the morning, and she comforts me when I want her to,” said Kinsley Attaway, student nominator.

“When children know that a teacher loves them, they’re going to perform, they’re going to want to make that teacher proud. When you have that in the classroom, you definitely have success,” said Mary Jo Melvin, Ph.D., Pennwest University

Golden Apple teachers receive $250 for their classroom from Big Ideas Learning.

“When Mrs. Spicher said she was inspired to be a teacher in the first grade at Belle Valley Elementary School, my ears perked up because the school she attended is now where Big Ideas Learning is headquartered, so another great connection with another great teacher in our community, it’s a win-win for everybody,” said Jill McCormick, Big Ideas Learning.

Congratulations Cindy Spicher this week’s JET 24 PennWest University Golden Apple Award winner.